Book hoarder

So some people posts their yoga poses on Instagram, I hoard books!
Okay, so that's not a correct comparison; let me rephrase,

I do yoga since 2005 and not posting any pose on my Instagram everwhile some people post like almost daily; compared to I have been reading books and hoard thembut I don't post...
And this does not come right either...

Laughing out loud!
I have been browsing (stalking) and 2-tapping images from some book nerds (there are people like me out there, I thought I am the only one!)
So here is a special post on what I currently read and what I am going to read next (if the hoarding does not persist).
What about you guys? What have you been reading lately and want to recommend it to me? I read just about everything!
This Haruki Murakami book is my current read,
These books are my TBR, to be read, 

and Kindle TBR too... oopsie :)

and down below are my recent acquisitions:

I love classics, can't you tell? 

and love Mitch, 
John Green always interesting to read, 
classic... ha!

and I love love Murakami.

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...


  1. I like reading too BUT compared to you, i'm a lazy ass chick (lol).

    Have a great sunday
    Vettae from So Frenchy Gal

  2. Nice post!!!

  3. thank you all for the lovely comments...