Bandung photo diary (day one)

As usual, in terms of a holiday trip visiting friends or family; I do not have the time to take picture. Honestly day one was a blur, since lacking of sleep for a week-catch cold-exhausted from previous 2 trips. 
Here are snippets from Bandung trip, day one.

Warung Lela for lunch 

Goodlife for coffee, here is Mexican Piccolo.

For those who do not know what a Piccolo is, here goes:
Piccolo Latte is a ristretto* shot (15 – 20 ml) topped with warm, silky milk served in a 100 ml glass demitasse (small latte glass) … basically, a baby latte, as the Italian pronunciation suggests. There have been other names for this drink, such as the Spanish version Cataldo, or a Mezzo-Mezzo, or Aussie version: the low tide latte.

What is ristretto? Ristretto is a less watered espresso, derived from Italian word of 'restricted' or 'restrictions'

Above is the barista's modification of Piccolo as 'mexican' by adding chili powder as topping :)
oh yumm

Meet Elsa, cutie!

brekky be like...

display of Oma Anna jam, you can order here http://www.aogindonesia.com/

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