Baduy Transposed [guest post Riri Rengganis of Indische]

Like in music, to transpose is to shift the pitch of an entire song consistently, without changing the song itself. In design, I also associate transposing with the change of shape/function, without changing the materials itself.

This is a new collection using handwoven Baduy textiles. The Baduy Tribe is a traditional Sundanese community living in the village of Kanekes, located on the southeastern part of the Indonesian province of Banten, Java. The uniqueness of their handweaving is in the simplicity in its motifs, mostly just consists of stripes or squares. It is not as popular as the other weavings coming from other more exotic places in Indonesia. Usually this textile is used for "heavily ethnic" styled fashion. Through this limited collection, I present designs that are more simple, elegant and caters to people who love handmade textiles but are over and done with the colorful ethnic styling like most other collections offer. I am transposing/shifting the fabric's mainstream image from eclectic to a more modern genre with global trends, without changing the fabrics itself.

Read the complete story about this collection here.

Riri Rengganis & I would like thank you all for stopping by, read the bits and viewing the post...



  1. What a beautiful collection! I love stripes so I like so many of these pieces :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. This is a good information about this fabric and it's nice to see the sample designs.


  3. thank you guys for the lovely comments...