Yogyakarta day three

So here I am on third day of my trip to Jogjakarta with my cousins and we are visiting the Keraton Jogja which is the royal palace.

Yes, I have visited the place before, images and story can be found here .

On this particular post, I would like to share my experience about being a responsible tourist. I often see some meme that repeatedly mentioned how we should be a responsible tourist.

Most meme is about leaving trash behind irresponsibly, or some minor things that indeed can turned into major issue.

So this element of culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means can of course turned into major disaster if you practice it seriously.

Like throwing plastic trash into your garden bin (I am sure real Balinese can relate), the bin is a dug out hole in your back garden – the trash back then was organic. Got it?
Imitate that, you’ll get non degradable trash for forever!

Now back on being a responsible tourist, it goes all areas of life! Pass on the meme that Indonesia is a Moslem country and that majority (99% if not all) are Moslem, you got ignorant!

Get on to a discriminating topic here? Nope! The topic is still being a responsible tourist.

While waiting for my passport extension being processed the other day, a couple with one baby that are obviously foreigners –try to cut my line and asks to the person in charge on the desk about something.

Before the guy start to ask question, the woman yell (=screaming murder), and I happened to understand (=speak) their language (not English).

“Are you crazy to simply cut the lines? Can’t you see the woman next to her is in her hijab? (she mimicking hijab shape on her face). This is a Moslem country, do something stupid and they’ll get you!!!”

Whoaaaa…. I was shocked! Judgmental aren’t we? What does that all means? And I am non-Moslem and we are in Bali… whaaaat???

I am amazed on the quality of this one human being!

Please be a responsible tourist! Countries are bordered, knowledge is not –it passes gender, age, skin color, nationality et all.

thank you all for stopping by and reading the post...


  1. I really like your comment for being respectful!

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  2. I totally agree with everything you've stated here. We should all respect one another, may we be the citizens of our own country or not. Also, I'm sorry to hear that kind of judgment. People nowadays tend to be mindful of what they say, and of how others would feel. Nonetheless, just don't mind them <3

    Hope to hear from you soon. :)

    Love, Airish
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  3. Yes to respect! Love that you are sharing this strong message on your blog.


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  4. Yes we should learn to know our boundaries when were in a foreign country!

  5. Thank you for sharing something inspiring. I love reminders of how lovely the human spirit can be.


  6. Absolutely. We need to respect everyone! Xx


  7. Oh gosh!! Ignorance huh!? Respect is definitely lost in our community these days. Sorry dear!


  8. I think if you’re going to visit another country or culture you need to do a bit of research first & be respectful while you’re there. It makes me angry when people think they can go around doing what the want anywhere.


  9. Sounds and looks amazing!

  10. thank you all for the lovely comments...