Malang photo diary

On this special occasion of visiting Malang in East Java, I took the bus! It took approximately 10 hours drive (in land and including crossing the sea with ferry). Lately I crave thrill, even-more than my usual self cravings. For a couple of years now, I love the process of preparing a trip (myself), book the accommodations and flights, instead of having my travel agent arranging it for me. 

The whole process was such an emotional "travel" for me, it prepared me into a mature human being (to myself improved-o-meter), enjoying the process (which normally in midst / being in the destination(s) itself) and --while I am towards the end of a trip, I reminisce. Sometimes I look back at the pictures (and pet myself in the back); then I contemplate... just contemplating on life,

You probably would read this and says "whattaa ... is she's blabbing about?"  but this is truly how my travelling evolved. I dont brainstorm with anyone, I just did my own survey, processed it and go with it, and afterwards, reminisce and contemplate... its exhilarating....

So this is an old scribble that I wrote on a diary a couple years back about being on a bus, travelling within Indonesia:

Bright lights (not so) big city,
I love how lights just start before the night's fall...
Especially if I watched it from a moving vehicle, and the lights are far away in front of me, where we are heading towards it. It shows so much excitements, how the night will start, how the day is not going to end, how something is about to start in the middle....
Love the hope of something that will happen in the near future... or any future...

movie date with my mom

my brother's office is completely full with musical CDs

reunion pre-party ;)

duck face

my dad have an excellent taste, look at these socks he just purchased

driving to the reunion party part 2, 

reunion after-party ;)

not a morning person, 

only functioned after coffee

the bird market, I know what you think!

if only I have the cash, I 'll be freeing them

if only I have the cash, I 'll be freeing you , poor lil thing

no comment

and letting you all go,

such a cute pet!! 

just for fun

tari topeng (mask dance)

indoor camping


respect! save all that plastic and reuse! we all need to be introduced to this and follow through!

raid your mom's library, especially when she teaches English Lit!

oh ah.. this is the bus... ;)

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...


  1. I've never seen a live owl. I want to!
    You look like you're having real fun in those photos. :)

  2. 10 hours seems like a long time but it must have been fun especially when you're not the one driving. Beautiful pictures. So fun.

  3. I too love travelling more and more! Great photo diary!;)

  4. Nice post :)

    xoxo Ceyda

  5. 10 hours drive... wow! Lovely photos, dear.


  6. what an awesome adventure! looks like fun!


  7. Lovely recap. I would totally be freeing all those animals alongside you! Let me know when you need help and I'll join you in getting the beautiful creatures to a sanctuary. :)
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  8. Nice post ,dear. Very interesting.

    Review of new cafe: http://starlingdays.blogspot.com/2016/02/blog-post.html

  9. I love your post! Those animals are amazing! I'm like you-I love planning my own travel arrangements...it's exciting! :-D

  10. Nice photo diary, looks like a fun time!


  11. Nice and fun post!
    xx Elle

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  12. thank you all for the lovely comments...

  13. Such great fun to visit this amazing blog, I love it, beautiful pictures as well, thanks for sharing, you look very pretty!!!



  14. Great photos. Look so fun!!
    Aaah you make me wanna travel to somewhere.