For real

Nope, I don’t live a glamorous life, can’t you tell?
Some people said that being glamorous is about strength and confidence –well, I am a confident person (some even says over-confident) and I have strength! Ha!

My point is, I don’t look glamorous all the time with heels and nice outfits. When I go to work, it will be a very simple work outfit, thin layer as it is summer all time all the time here in Bali!
Sometimes this is what I wore when I am in the studio (ceramic studio that is); and most of the time I am covered in clay, so much for being glamorous! Haha…
This is my ootd! I am sure yours are more appropriate… still… wish you a fabulous day! ;0

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...


  1. You look beautiful Dear:)

  2. living a simple life is just wonderful. Loving life is what's important <3

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  3. Hello to all beautiful women, glamorous in the eyes of society or not. :)

  4. thank you all for the lovely comments... even if I am not suspectedly glamorous ;)