Singapore in pictures

I must say that I am a little bit bored staying here in Bali! Don't get me wrong, I love Bali. But to a certain extend, I need to be in another atmosphere and surroundings and robotic habitual... hahaha... sorry you guys! I mean by robotic is the extra wandering around on foot in Singapore streets around Singaporeans... (picture this, stylish crowd you almost feels like you are in Europe). Yasss...
I can only sum up with only a few photos, here goes my 3N4D trip:
Haji Lane, a must visit place in Singapore for Singaporean/ local designers items!

These little boutique carries awesome stuff I must say! Specially fashion, home & lifestyle!

Lunch was,
Singaporean Laksa! (warning: picture might repeated, I ate like twice different day)

Knowing that my hotel provide non stop 24 hours Nespresso coffee, it at least cut my coffee budget to zero! LOL

Down with coffee budget, up with Soy milk budget! My fave is of course Mr. Bean warm soy milk with grass jelly. Yummmm!

Now Kinokuniya book shop at Takashimaya must be the biggest and have the most complete list of books! (Japan & English). Although it is more expensive then Border or Times, I just love to shop here!

Gotta have my dossage of the Hokkien / Peranakan food of Singapore, Char Kwee Tiauw is my option for lunch and Food Republic in 313 Sommerset is my fave. Why you asked? It has wifi on the whole mall of 313. You can check in with your sister or niece about the things they wanted you to purchase and you can confirm it to them right there and then.. (or is it just me?)


Another day, another adventure! 
Went to Ikea to stock up some stuff and ehm.... the Swedish meat balls!

You are wondering about the chicken wings? Yes, they did these too! and my portion of the day is kiddies portion! :P

Wander around Arab street and Muscat street, don't forget to visit the mosque, around this area, there are deer martabak, kebab, and so much more of the Persian food! talk about yumminess!

let me take a selfie!

Then I am off to the Asian Civilization Museum, I was not fond of the India's artifact from the Hindu temples, been there and so I pass this one...

So I walked around on the side of the Singapore river and plan for my next list to be executed! 
I guess its clean up day for the river!

well.... off to Vivo city for some "magic"!

 Magic Mike it is, and Rick and Tito... damn guys gettin hotter by the end of the screen and these gun show!!!! 
Dinner was, 

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...


  1. Great photos!

  2. Oh, I miss SG. So many beautiful places to see.

  3. going there this nov. caint wait
    Posts online about Dubai, Monaco, USA...

  4. beautiful photos
    i'd love to go one day

  5. nice pictures!

  6. You travel a lot! I love your blog, it's very nice and helpful! And I'm very interested in Haji Lane, seems very cool. Thumbs up for your post!
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    Thank you :)xx

  7. So many great pictures!


  8. singapore looks so cool, seems like a fun place to be(:

  9. Very pretty pictures.. The food looks so yummi. :)

  10. Now I want to go there)) Loved the photos and your post!


  11. Singapore looks great! Nice pic!
    Have a nice weekend!

  12. thank you all for the lovely comments...

  13. Looks like you had a marvelous time there :)