I am back with the Randomly series again. Pictures that didn't made it to blog post, but I cherish each moment and want to share with you guys...
The other day by the beach,

Sharing grandma cookbook with my sister,

Cipris chillin at home,

"let's take a selfie..."

Sunset, and backlight

Sunset was a beauty, and this is all my mobile can capture,

on Zara sale,

How I spent my pasttime, bikellen

My all time fave, roasted cherry tomato with fetta cheese with rice crackers,

The other day on Jazz Market (Jazz by the sea),

The Sanur village festival,

Salad at home with home made pesto dressing and fetta cheese,

Street vendor and the yummie vegetarian mixed rice,

Who doesn't like Sushi?

At the holly spring of Tirta Empul,

The holly spring Tirta Empul

My vegan sushi, yummmm....
interior of my office, such a mess!

the view on the way to the office

green green pearl grass

an artist left behind his baby boy

Bali and its ceremonies...

Bali and its ceremonies...

cremation ceremonies...

the music for the ceremony...

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...

PS: I know you guys probably do not have any India travel tips cause you haven't been there (same here), but I am travelling to India soon, and if any of you want to share tips, please do write here on the comment box or to my email :)
thank you...


  1. Wow, so beautiful pictures. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. I love the view! ♥

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    The Girl Behind the Pen

  3. I love the idea of the random photos! I take so many photos that don't make it onto the blog, it's such a great idea to show them in this way! Love the snapshots into your world :)

    xoxo Alison

  4. Amazing pics!! kisses!


  5. lovely pics

  6. Random stuff is the best! :-) Love all your pics, especially those sunset pics, beautiful.

  7. Great post. Your pictures are lovely. Xxx


  8. i love the view so much! ❤


  9. Beautiful pictures, i love the way you take to your office-picturesque! I have to try rice cracker and tomato salad, looks yummy.


  10. thank you all for the lovely lovely comments....