Winter Soldier [movie date]

Have you watched "Captain America: The Winter Soldier?" At the beginning of the movie when Steve Rogers (=Captain America) was exercising, he was shown making a list of the things that he should feel or knows. The list was only shown on screen for a few seconds. As you may all know [anyone who is a Marvel fan] that Capt America was freezes over during the WWII era and he got defrosted (sounds like a turkey) when The Avengers enter the modern era.Obviously he missed a whole lotta things!

The movie maker of Captain America: The Winter Soldier has adjusted the list as into this:
USA viewer:  I Love Lucy series , Moon Landing, Berlin Wall, Steve Jobs, Disco, Thai food, Star Wars, Nirvana, Rocky the movie, & soundtrack Troubleman.
adding some items on to the list for worldwide viewers such as,
Germany: Currywurst, 
Italy: Roberto Benigni 
France: Daft Punk, World Cup 1998, 5th Element movie
Australia: Tim Tams, AC/DC, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, & Steve Irwin
Korea: Park Ji Sung, Oldboy, Dance Dance Revolution
UK: I Love Lucy series was placed with Sherlock, Disco is placed by The Beatles, & Sean Connery is replacing Steve Jobs.

These additional and minor changes are a way to got into the international attention.... well its proven right! since premier Apr 4, The Captain America: Winter Soldier has become one of most success sequel with US$ 209.4 mill earning on the first week.

I rate B+

thank you all for stopping by and reading the bits, have a blessed Good Friday!


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  1. I saw it in early April, LOVED it

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