office attire

I remember back in the day when I worked in the garment manufacturer or in the jewelry company, both big brands, both fashion industry, and both wardrobe most of the boutique staffs -not factory management such as I am :(  , the company giveaway the clothing to the models (cause its been used / touching the skin of the model...euww... and there might be some bacterial issues...). Another must is when we have to wardrobe the directors [again me not included] with jewelries from the brand.... 

It's a nightmare! Here are some examples from the nightmare that my friends (I am different dept)
1) have to pack nicely the garments after a very nice steamer process, have to write cards to go along...
garment got lost in the steaming line / switched (yes we produce quiet big amount samples for sales rep, etc.)
2) wardrobe the director(s) with jewelry and semi precious stones or even precious stones fall of the prongs, or broken.. or scratches... yikes! I feel you repair dept!
3) when the person resigns (or fired), sometimes we must take legal action to take back for the wardrobe... people... helloooo.... those bracelets, necklaces, rings etc. cost 50.000 USD easy! of course we want them back!
4) renting them LV bags to go with the jewelry, and they stained the bag! 
hahaha....I can go on and on about it guys...seriously! guess I now can look back and laugh about it...:D

Moral of the story: buy your own stuff and you can wear it whatever the way you like it, doesn't matter if its not branded; but if you can afford branded items, why not? when you blog about the stuff, you don't have to worry about "on repeat" posting (just like me here). Have a great day peeps!

ps: my colleague think that I am wearing a table cloth, he suggest I tied the side part to make it less obvious. LOL

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post... and if you do read the bits, thank you for caring...


  1. Hello from Spain: Your look is very inspiring. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on your work clothes and the fashion industry. Keep in touch

  2. Love this look! Great skirt, and a white shirt is always good :)

  3. You make this skirt very interesting.

  4. Amazing look! I love the skirt

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  7. I'm obsessed with this skirt! So playful! You are gorgeous girl :)
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  8. you're so clever! That's perfect with the knot! you've inspired me :)

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  10. carinissima la gonna!!!

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