Cured by retail therapy

It has been a very hectic week at work, I am exhausted (as you can tell from my face),
and nothing can cure but retail therapy, I am not a shopaholic but I do love good bargain!

this neon necklace was 60% off at Diva,

perfect for all the LBDs that are sitting in my wardrobe,

50% off, belt from St. Lucas,

yes, when the front is plain, I wear the belt sideways!

this petite number is from TopShop, 50% off -last chance items to purchase- rack

will be perfect for my Body&Soul bikini top as featured here

and this is not for sale....  but it was sitting there in my changing room and I can help to take a snapshot at it! love the color of the letters pink neon and the beautiful face of Penelope Cruz....

my dress today by Villa
sandals by Fly
bag by Elizabeth


  1. So many great items!! Love that neon necklace!!

  2. wonderful dress!! love these photos!

  3. Hi! The neon necklace is very nice. I like it!

  4. nice items, i like the necklace :-) and the pictures with you in the Water <3 Kisses Kira *schuhReich*

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