Palace of Tranquil Longevity

Its day two visit to The Forbidden City, we have to visit the Treasure Hall (Palace of Tranquil Longevity). Located on the east side of the Forbidden City in the corridors surrounding the Hall of Imperial Supremacy (Huangji dian), the Hall of Cultivating One's Character (Yangxing dian), the Hall of Joyful Longevity (Leshou tang), and in the Belvedere of Well-nourished Harmony (Yihe xuan).

The Palace of Tranquil Longevityliterally, "peaceful old age palace," also called the Qianlong Garden, Qianlong Palace, Qianlong District or the Palace of Tranquility and Longevity. Located in the northeast corner of the inner court of the Forbidden City. Construction of the palace began on the Qianlong emperor's orders in 1771, in preparation for his retirement, although Qianlong never moved into the palace. Its beautiful apartments, pavilions, gates and gardens feature "some of the most elegant spaces at a time widely considered to be the pinnacle of Chinese interior design.Throughout the Qing period, the palace was almost never used, largely because of Qianlong's imperial decree ordering his retirement retreat remain unaltered.

The central bridge is reserved for emperors exclusively. The two flanking it are reserved for royal family members while the two outer ones are for ordinary officials. The bridges are well decorated with marble balustrades carved with motifs of dragon and phoenix.

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