National Gallery Singapore

The National Gallery Singapore occupies two national monuments: former Supreme Court and City Hall.

Both are landmarks of Singapore’s colonial past, my favorite buildings and if you are interested to read more about it, you can click here

Between Worlds features the works of Indonesian artist Raden Saleh (c.1811–1880) and Filipino artist Juan Luna (1857–1899), two leading painters from Southeast Asia who achieved wide acclaim in Europe. This will be the first major survey to bring their works together, drawing from important collections around the world.

The exhibition explores how Raden Saleh and Juan Luna developed their work living between two diverse cultures and societies; and how the European experiences of these extraordinary artists have shaped the art history of this region.

Between Worlds is part of the showcase Century of Light, which features two exciting exhibitions on art from the 19th century, a post-Enlightenment era of innovation and change. Together with Colours of Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Musée d'Orsay, the show demonstrates the range of painting styles and art movements that emerged in Europe during this formative period, which has been and continues to be influential to the development of art in Southeast Asia and around the world.

Flashback to 2010 in front of the building:

this is on the rooftop of the National Art Gallery now:

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