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Later this year, Instagram will change in a big way. Rather than showing you a chronological feed of images, an algorithm similar to the one that your Facebook feed has --will show photos in order on what you think you would like to see them.

Many Instagram accounts are worried that the change will make their content less visible, and they are... well... literally "begging" their followers to turn on their notifications. Maybe you have already noticed an overwhelmed posts on your feed that point towards the upper-right button of your screen, begging and demanding that you turn on these notifications. These notifications will send a ping to your phone whenever a new picture is posted. You’ll have to turn this feature on for each individual account if you want to get direct updates about them.

I, sincerely won’t recommend it! 

YES! I, sincerely won’t recommend it! It is ridiculous that Instagram accounts are asking you to turn on notifications now, their account might not post / update for a while; plus it might happen that Instagram will eliminate post notifications (the algorithm).

When you start turning on post notifications for all sorts of individual accounts, you will soon be flooded by updates, I know I dont want random updates unless it is my followers and I follow them. Do you really want that noisy-distracting-horrible notifications on your phone? Limit the notifications towards what's important like emails or messages from your love ones. 

Pro or con? Leave me your comment(s)

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  1. Yes. I thought I don't like this change but then again, I didn't like timeline on FB when it started too.

    Thanks for this info and keeping us updated.

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  4. This whole situation was started by a meme and people just ran with it. Turning on notifications is just unnecessary and obnoxious. Once brands realized it, I noticed some went as far to go back and delete their posts that asked people to turn it on! Haha.

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  5. thank you all for the lovely comments..