Closet tour (yet again)

You guys must have remembered (well, new readers can click the link for the first time), on my post about my father's wardrobe here. Yes, he loves his clothes and some of his kids (including me) loooooves our clothes too.... although I must say that I love my shoes more than my clothes.

After the last viewing of my closet here (back in April last year), I wanted to show you some more updated view.

yup, although I clean my wardrobe every month, somehow these clothes just kept on piling and piling, I wonder how?

Piles of my pants, I give out some, so I have a chance to pile some more... :)

the current look of my shoe closet, this is my fave wear, the rest are at my parents house inside their warehouse. Sitting pretty in the box with photos on each boxes, very appropriate!

and these are maybes that I might wore but don't want to store yet. need to take some picture of the shoes and print photos to stick outside the boxes.

Here are more of my accessories that I never show, part of it was posted here (back from almost a year ago).

I don't have anymore space in the drawer, plus I don't want to scratch the slightly "good" watches so I just leave it in the boxes and mark it with neon stickers with model descriptions.

I don't have those fancy ring holders, and so I purchased this plastic container in the hardware store, it's very handy to keep the accessories/ rings and you can see through the boxes.

You can always stack the boxes and it has separators so all of your sterling silver jewelries will not touch the other media such as brass here. You know how oxidation can be such a drag. Having my silver jewelries sent to the jewelry cleaner or back to the jeweler is just not easy for me, cause I don't want to be parted with them too long... ;-)

Of course the drawer that holds the other accessories is also full....

But I do have a bracelets/ bangles holder, now that's what I call "organized"

thank you all for reading, and how about you guys?
how do you organize your closet?



  1. aaahh so jealous, i want a shoe closet in that same style/look! :D

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  2. nice!! love your shoesing!!

  3. More organized than me! Nice peek into your closet!

  4. I really like your shoe collection <3



  5. How many clothes..???shoes?? accesorize??? :P :P you are so lucky!!!!!! <3 <3

    Have a nice day!!!
    xoxo stefania :)

  6. Wow!!! I must show your closet to my husband, next time he tell me I have too many clothes!!!!
    Kisses and following ;)

  7. Ooh I wish I was as organized as you! Great post! :)

  8. Woow, your closet looks amazing ! Mine is just full of stuff, since I haven't had the time to organize it. But thanks for the inspiration to do a spring clean ;)

    Thanks for the comment too!

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  9. Woww, that's quite some closet! I envy your shoe collection :)

    XO, Imke

  10. Thank you all for the lovely comments and for following... Am following back...

  11. Oh my gosh, your closet is so amazing and organised! Mine is all over the floor haha! Thank you for the inspiration. :)

    <3 Mandy xx

  12. Aaah, your closet is to die for! So many shooooes!