Bucket List

Every now and then [when I have time], I keep track of where I went and list all the places that I visited -pinning all the dots in the map; so far it is listed as 126 cities and 17 countries. What can I say? I am a travel addict! I can be like browsing for tickets and didn't even start with the ticket(s) I have in hand, seriously! 
I called the game "point a spot on the map"

But enough about that... I wanted to share with you guys about my bucket list, a list of places that I wanted to visit. It seems to grow and grow. I spent so much money on travelling like no one ever! I didn't only visit a city for one time and that's it. I can visit Bangkok for 5 times, Hong Kong 8 times, Gold Coast for 8 times, Singapore (20 times? I lost count) and many more....
Just because I love the place and want to come back! 
I most of the times spent long stay (2 weeks until 3 months)
Nowadays, I just wanted to check my bucket list because I might run out of time (and money)... hahaha...

And if you are to ask me where is the #1 place that is in the top of my list? That will be INDIA...
Yes! and me (and my best friend) will go here for a period of one month stay.
This is so excited! Hoping to spot these... (images below are not mine)

thank you all for stopping by and view the post, do not hesitate to leave comments, tips are welcome too....


  1. Definitely interesting!

  2. Hello from Spain: awesome... I love travel too. Keep in touch

  3. wow india! that sounds great!


  4. thank you all for the lovely comments...