Flashback [Menado unpublished]

This time is a flashback post, about my visit to North Sulawesi. Sulawesi is one of Indonesian archipelago, one of the biggest and divided into several provinces. Starting with Menado city, it is the capital city of the North Sulawesi province. When we landed, we knew that we will proceed to Bunaken.

Bunaken is an island of 8 km square, part of the Bunaken National Marine Park. The waters of Bunaken National Marine Park are up to 1,566 m deep in Menado Bay, with temperatures ranging between 27 to 29 °C. It has a high diversity of - corals, fish, echinoderms or sponges. Notably, 7 of the 8 species of giant clams that occur in the world, occur in Bunaken. It also claims to have seven times more genera of coral than Hawaii, and has more than 70% of all the known fish species of the Indo-Western Pacific.

Going back to Menado city again, here we are visiting the local market and other places of interest. 
WARNING! Some of these images might be gruesome!

A visit to Lake Linow, located in Tomohon city, about 34 kilometer away from Menado. This lake has a unique feature, the color of the water can change within minutes. The change of color is due to the high concentration of sulfur within it. The color change to gree, white and blue.
The lake also has a unique living being in the lake, shape like an insect with wings BUT life in the water. It is locally named as Sayok or Komo.
sayok / komo insect (pic not mine, I Google this one)

We continued by visiting Waruga, Waruga is the grave yard or tomb of the Minahasan ancestors / ancestor of Menado people that are made ​​of stone and consists of two parts. The top of the ridge shaped like a triangle and the bottom is a box-shaped with the middle section being hollowed. The hollow space is where they place the body of the deceased along with the deceased belongings.

Afterwards we just stopped randomly, look at these tropical fruits.... yummm...

Next is a visit to Kwan Kong temple in Menado Chinatown, 

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post....


  1. These places are magical, great photos :)


  2. OMG, I can't imagine that kind of traditional foods in front of me! XO
    but the weather is great, i hope i have some time to take a vacation :)

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  4. Amazing pics!
    What a phenomenal trip!


  5. Great photos, thanks for the visit.

  6. Great pictures!


  7. Local foods in Sulawesi are crazy. I couldn't imagine myself eating those :S


  8. very magic places,wonderful pictures darling
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  9. Looks like you had a lovely visit. Full of rich culture.

  10. thank you all for the lovely comments....

  11. What most beautiful pictures! I'd love to visit that place!



  12. Good morning!!
    OMG!! I couldn´t see the images of the food, all these animals!!
    The images of the bay are very beautiful. Thank you very much for show them to us.
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  13. These photos look amazing, well minus the dead bats and piggies on the market LOL. I've never visited Manado before but I have a few childhood friends from there.

    ♥ Gita @ mimiandchichi.com