Days of the future past [movie date]

For anyone who follows my blog, knows that I am crazy about the Marvel comics and watching the movies in particular. The recent movie date was "X-Men: Days of Future Past" sequel to both 2006's "X-Men: The Last Stand" and 2011's "X-Men: First Class".

I must say the I loooove the film stars on this ensemble cast of: Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Nicholas Hoult, Shawn Ashmore, Peter Dinklage, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart.

The story-line:
In the dystopian future, sentient robots known as Sentinels are exterminating mutants and oppressing humans who harbor the genes that lead to mutant offsprings. A small band of mutants manage to evade the Sentinels due to Shadowcat, who has the ability to project a person's consciousness back in time to deliver warnings.
Shadowcat's group rendezvous with Storm, Wolverine, Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto in a monastery in China. They hatch a plan to send Wolverine's consciousness back in time fifty years to prevent Mystique from murdering Bolivar Trask (did you watch the post credit scene of Wolverine?), the designer of the Sentinels, the first time she ever took a life. Trask's assassination will make him a martyr, Mystique will be captured and her mutant powers will be reverse-engineered and used to create the formidable Sentinels of the future. Professor X advises Wolverine to seek out his younger self for aid.

Wolverine wakes up in 1973 in his younger body and travels to the X-Mansion, where he encounters the young Hank McCoy and a young Xavier.... and seriously you want me to tell you all about the story-line?

Don’t miss the post-credits scene, for its gonna be the next X-Men sequel "X-Men: Apocalypse" (2016)

thank you all for viewing the post and read the bits....



  1. Very cute outfit. Love pink. You look fantastic dear. Hahaha, we all love X-Men!

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    1. its the best of X-Men thus far [according to me]

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