Wine and dine the French way

 Its time for a girl's night out! So here we are, the three of us testing a new restaurant (at least for us), called  French's Kitchen. It was a success, food and ambiance is good, we feel at home with home made food! That is if our home is in France ..... ;-)

my main, the crispy braised pork cooked with wine,

the dessert, apple layers with caramel crispy ice cream and sprinkle of peanuts,

we continue the night to Mantra,

the mocktail was a blast!

and this is the appetizer Foie Grass with Egg, smeared to warm bread, YUMMIEEEEE

all and all was a great night with good food!


  1. The food looks excellent, I bet it has been also tasty.
    I can see you have had a great night out.

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