Talked about an over rated poem

I just love indie movie, they are -most of the time- good movie! Probably because they are not targeting to reach box office ticket sale...

I recently watch "The Best and The Brightest" starring Neil Patrick Harris, Bonnie Somerville and Amy Sedaris. Its a comedy about a couple trying to get their child into the New York private school system.

I was left with  wondering to the summarized of the whole story line on how over rated sex is being made as a poem? 

Here how the story lines goes:
Bonnie Somerville plays Samantha, a onetime cheerleader who moves to New York in a self-pitying effort to feel as special as she did in high school  —  and perhaps to goad husband Jeff (Neil Patrick Harris) into finding work more glamorous than computer programming.

In a movie whose knowledge of New York City seems limited to one widely-discussed truism  —  it's hell getting kids into private schools; Samantha has somehow never heard this fact. She happily walks her kindergarten-age daughter into a string of tony schools, where administrators (and the just-pregnant women already getting in line) laugh her off.

With the help of a nutty school-placement consultant (the full-tilt Amy Sedaris, dressed in a repertoire of exotically frumpy ensembles from one scene to the next) she lands an interview at Coventry Day School  —  which is going great until Jeff's buddy (Peter Serafinowicz), a sex addict who's supposed to be babysitting their child, interrupts the meeting with news that makes them look like the world's worst parents.

The increasingly hard-to-swallow action takes a gag that's good for a scene or two at most  — that Jeff has been mistaken for a poet whose work is a kind of debased erotica  —  and stretches it to a point where the plot needs us to believe, for instance, that an aspiring politician would invite the recitation of porn at her dignified fundraiser.

Despite a couple of bright points (John Hodgman's pointy-headed appreciation of "poems" that are in fact printouts of late-night sex-texting), the script will annoy even viewers who can stomach its fundamental class-blindness. The idea that Sam's daughter would attend a public school is never broached, and in fact the word "public" isn't even heard until a closing-scene punch line.

As an Indie, I would rate Entertainment PG 21+ (hahahahha), It was an entertaining afternoon for me!

PS: As far as the fashion related scene in this movie? Well, Samantha finally got the expensive bag (probably Bottega Veneta) at the end of the movie!

IMAGES RIGHTS: Movie poster is from Google, Bag scenes taken as still photo from the movie.


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