Rachel Zoe look we love

The sweet Head Hunted has present me with the Versatile Blogger Award! It took me some time to follow up and finally I have decided not pass it! I realized after my first award that I got from lovely Marcela were not followed up nor passes by the fellow blogger that I pass the award too; it is not necessary to make another effort. I know that some people are blogging in order to get followers or freebies, but sometimes people just got to stop for a minute and respect other people instead of taking advantages.

I still want to share 7 random facts about me though, in honor of accepting the Versatile Blogger Award from Head Hunted,
1. I love snorkling,
2. obviously it comes from my love of swimming in the sea.
3. I love reading books,
4. but sometimes my work and days got so hectic that I can finish reading a book in one month.
5. I am currently hooked on the "Revenge" series
6. and currently hooked on the blog of Anna dello Russo, not because of the branded clothing but just amazed to a woman that owns 4,000 shoes
7. I sometimes act like Elmyra Duff

And here goes, my post of today, the Rachel Zoe look we love ~where my images are taken from Instyle Mag website,


  1. Lovely looks! Love her collection!

  2. I just love Rrachel Zoe, i think she has an amazing sense of style and this clother are amazing!


  3. CONGRATULATIONS on getting Versatile Blogger Award!! i love reading too! i started reading a book called "speak justly of the dead" its an oldie. Anyways congratulations once again!

    Arruda :)

  4. Oh wow, I love those maxi dresses!!! So beautiful! :)

  5. cute outfits, love the power suits !