BULGARI “Between eternity and history” 1884-2009

After 125 years, Bulgari inaugurated its first ever retrospective in the prestigious Exposition Palace of Rome attended by world’s glitterati. Entitled, BULGARI “Between eternity and history” 1884-2009, tells the story of the Italian jeweler in the past 125 years by touching on the most significant phases in the history and evolution of Bulgari design, from the opening of the first store on Via Sistina in 1884 to the present day.

enjoy the pictures after the jump!

After taking a snap shot of this magnificent piece, they tell me that NO PICTURE allowed! dugh, I know that but still I am amazed with the pieces.

 these images are Googled afterwards,

If only I (we) can afford to own these pieces.... but well, its a task from hubby's office. We have to attend the exhibition! Back to taking picture of the exhibition, is the entrance...

BULGARI “Between eternity and history” 1884-2009
Exposition Palace
Dates: May 22 – Sep 13, 2009
Open to the public
Entrance Fee Euro 20

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