Kampung Warna Warni Tridi Jodipan

A number of students of Communication Studies from Muhammadiyah Malang University came up with their study projects that initially wanted to change the behavior of residents on the river banks that litters their garbage into the river. Jodipan village were chosen because it looked to have a nice landscape viewed from atop the bridge of Jalan Gatot Subroto.

With the project coordinator and working together with paint supplier; they have gathered the mural community and artists to paint the walls of citizens' homes. Deployed as many as 30 painters to change the face of Jodipan slum village.

At the beginning they did not think that Jodipan village will become a tourist destination. Originally, the painting of the village was done so that the houses would not look 'dull' and so the people would pay attention to their sanitation problem.

The proposal was submitted, the approval from community leaders in the village was signed and so the painting job was done by the community with the help of the army and also paints were donated by the paint manufacturers in Malang.

Although the physical condition of the houses in this village has been repaired and the walls painted in color, but the main problem in this settlement--that sanitation cannot be resolved at first.
Not all houses have toilets and residents often throw garbage in the river. But apparently, with the arrival of the tourists; it actually changed the behavior of citizens.

A public toilet is used by residents in turn. A number of garbage bins has been provided both for the households of the residents and visitors. The garbage will then be transported by janitor every day.
The cost of transporting the garbage comes from the admission fee of IDR 2.000 per visitor.

In addition to make the people aware of sanitation concerns, tourist visits to these villages have made an impact on the economy of citizens. They also sell drinks and snacks, and manage vehicle parking.

How's that for Positano of East Java?

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  4. Oh what a great idea! I'm so pleased it not only created a source of income, but helped make the living conditions more sanitary too, that's a really nice thing for it to do :) You got some good photos there as well :)

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    1. It is indeed a great idea and create income for the people there. Thank you dear.. I am prepping some decor at the moment...

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