Huizen NL (unpublished)

I didn't realize that people are actually counting how many countries they've visited and how many cities they've visited in their lifetime. And some of the travel blogger even kind of pinning and writing them down on their main page/ instagram (I kind of write it down too). So here I am going through my blog page and surprised that I didn't list them. Plus I visited many other countries too, but didn't even post it here on the blog. You probably noticed the "unpublished" series by now, and yes, they are my trips that I haven't posted yet.

So here goes another one, where I stayed a good 4 days at my cousins home, Huizen NL.

Breakfast on the first day at Corn. De Haan poffertjes & wafel. The establishment dates back to about 1875 when an ancestor of the current operator went to visited the place. The beautiful waffle furnace bought in 1890 and still a jewel for the decor, supplies after 100 years, still the expensive yellow-brown waffles. It is the oldest of the few remaining poffertjeskrams in Holland.


The OUDE KERK (Old Church) is the oldest building in the city, probably founded as a wooden chapel in a hamlet on the Amstel. Where the river poured out the banks of clay: the ramparts. Here the first inhabitants built a chapel in the 13th century (also come with a cemetery). The church would then become one of the most imposing monuments of Amsterdam in the centuries.

Saint Nicolas Church becomes Old Church
On September 17, 1306, the Bishop of Utrecht devoted the church to Saint Nicolaas and thus the church was also given the name of this patron saint of the sailors. About a hundred years later, the number of inhabitants grew enormously and a new church in the Dam: The New Church is astonishing. As a result, the Saint Nicola church became the name Old Church.



Huizen is part of the metropolitan area of Amsterdam. Huizen originally was an agricultural village, about 2 kilometer from the sea. During wintertime the farmers went fishing. Later on it developed to coastal village, with a thriving fishing industry, which was stimulated by building the harbor about 1850. After the damming of the Zuider Zee by the Afsluiddijk in 1932, the old sea was degraded to a mere freshwater lake, and economical activities shifted towards industry and commerce.

not appealing pose of mine, but such a pretty street

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  4. what a beautiful church! Great travel post. It seems you had a lovely time in Huizen.
    I think it is a great idea to write about the places you visited and publish those unpublished photos.

  5. Great photos. That church is stunning.

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  6. I'm loving these shots- Huizen looks like an amazing little city!

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  7. So nice, I really love the Netherlands :) And especially the ice cream :)

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  8. What a great tour you've given us. Thanks!!

  9. I've never been to this part of Europe before, the photos are really nice! I've visited some places, but I don't have pictures myself since I was too young, but it's good to keep track!

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