Obi Wan Kenobi [Personal thoughts]

Obi is a sash that normally worn with Kimono in Japan, but this one is mine that I worn with a dress. On the personal thought side of the story, this year I have determined to declutter my life, which means:
  • I am cleaning it from unnecessary relationship that is not beneficial for both party
  • More focused on the the subject of minimizing my house--in terms of keeping what is necessary and it could mean that I am back to basic but happy life.
  • Focused more on work and task in hand
All of the 3 above seems so simple, but trust me its a handful most of the time!
Decluttering in work area and home are great ways to start reducing the clutter and stress in my life! I have learned that for a long time, but never put it in practice!

Here goes my practice:

• Reduce my commitments. Often times, our lives are too cluttered with all of the things that we need to do at home, work, social life, life with friends and family, with hobbies, and in our religious live. 
I write down all of my commitments into the agenda and it is an eye-opening experience as well as overwhelming! I look at each one and decide whether it really brings me joy and value, and if it is worth the amount of time that I invest in it. I mean, it is fun to have such an active life, don't get me wrong! But some things are really not meaningful and sort of waste of time, such as WA group with childhood friends that non-stop and kept me thinking "aren't they suppose to work?" 
"how come they can spend so much time online on working hour?" 
oh well... anyways...
I learn that the way to reduce my commitments is to identify a few that I truly love, and get rid of the rest.  If we eliminate the things that don’t bring us joy or value, we’ll have more time for the things that we love.

• Reconsider my routines, I find that having a set and proper routine brings a new sense of calm and order to my life. This means loosing a few objects, loosing a few fake relationship that is time and heart consuming...

Now my life is back in order, and it's organized in a fun happy way, and I couldn't be happier to be back to being my old happy me!

Hope and wish you all stumble back to what makes you happy and towards happiness if not already! 

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...


  1. That's a great look. And taking your life back is great, doing away with the unnecessary is a good start indeed. Greetings and nice month!

  2. what a great look! just amazing :) you are so pretty


  3. Great post and I love your state of mind! This dress looks beautiful on you!

  4. thank you guys for the lovely comments...