Bangkok (photo-diary part 3)

On the 3rd day in Bangkok, instead of spending time around the modern big city; we are opting to do a bike tour ...

Start with taking the train

I think I am STILL not that blogger that took time mostly to vanity and took outfit picture while in holiday. I am off line most of the time and enjoying my holiday to the top level!
Enjoy these picture after the jump...

breakfast at the hotel--don't mind the beer, it was last night... hahaha....


Here goes the Co Van Kessel bike tour. We are choosing this particular company because:

1/ They are Dutch, you know, us Dutch and biking history! a-ha!!
2/ They operated longest, have the best star and was the best operator that was recommended by most tourist alike us!

Name of the tour is #2: CO CLASSICAL

This 3-hour bicycle tour will show you the REAL Bangkok that casual visitors rarely see.  By bike, we will explore Chinatown’s narrow alleyways, markets, and backstreets as well as the charming local areas of Thonburi, nowadays referred to as the 'living part of Bangkok'.

Starting in the heart of Chinatown, our bike ride explores its frenetic market environment. Winding through narrow alleyways, our senses come alive with the sights, sounds, and smells of a community in motion. We’ll pass by shophouses selling everything from Buddhist amulets to recycled truck engines. Locals worshiping at hidden temples, ritual paper burnings, and the omnipresent spirit house display evidence of a culture centuries in the making.

Crossing the Chao Phraya River with majestic views of the city skyline behind us, we visit Thonburi, the historic third capital of Thailand. Contrasting chaotic Chinatown, peaceful elements of local Thai life abound as we cycle through diverse residential communities. Inquisitive smiles and friendly greetings reinforce the feeling we have truly left the “beaten path” and are now experiencing the REAL Bangko (flower market, old Buddha temple, Chinese temple, the bridge, crossing the river by boat... all fun stuff!)

Highly recommended guys! this is not an ad. I am a satisfied customer... 💓💓💓


Meanwhile... back in the city...

books, of course!

Food... of course!

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...


  1. Beautiful photos dear! Bangkok (Thailand) is next on my travel bucket list and that city tour via bike looks interesting!

    xoxo Jen
    IG: @sand_undermy_feet

  2. nice photos.. loving the fun.
    Have a lovely week

  3. amazing photos§

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  4. thank you all for the lovely comments...