Chennai, Tamil Nadu

For anyone that think this is going to be a fashion post, then I must say it will be a disappointment. Above fashion (and probably all); I love to travel!

This time I have been spending one whole month -following the length of my visa on arrival- to visit India. And here is the story begin, it started with 3 days in Chennai.

The region around Chennai has served as an important administrative, military, and economic center for many centuries; between hustle bustle and Chai stops, here are short diary of my time in Chennai Tamilnadu city.

Swami house Chennai beach

Kapaleeswarar Temple

An 18th-century portrait depicting Fort St. George, the first major British settlement in India and the foundation stone of Chennai.

The Portuguese first arrived in 1522 and built a port called São Tomé after the Christian apostle, St Thomas, who is believed to have preached in the area between 52 and 70 AD.

Marina beach Tamilnadu Chennai & Fort Museum,

obviously I love daggers!

hop on a plane for the next city, excited!

thank you all for viewing the post...


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