Day 1 Holiday

My friends and I decided to take the road through the mountain and make an overnight stop in Munduk, we have booked earlier a place to stay at the Puri Lumbung, and here are the photos of our 1st day - holiday, first stop: viewing point from Munduk to Tamblingan Lake and Bratan Lake,

arriving at Puri Lumbung, this is the terrace of my cottage/ my room

lovely afternoon, a bit cold, but nice!

the rice field in the area of the cottages,

walking around within the Puri Lumbung area

watching sunset at the Sunset Bar,

the very delicious, Lak Lak (local snack)

Puri Lumbung Cottages (in Munduk Village) are set in the cool mountain air. The compound where we stayed is designed in the traditional Balinese manner modeled on the sacred human form with shrines at the head, guest accommodation at the heart and other facilities at the foot. we really enjoyed the spectacular sunsets and stunning panoramas of the rice fields and coast line in the distance.


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  4. wow, the views of everything look amazing! So lush and green! Looks like you're having an amazing time. :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog! <3


  5. Really great pictures :-)

  6. These are beautiful photos. Looks like you really had fun on your vacation. Pretty!

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