movie date

I know what you think guys..... when everyone is still taking about the movie massacre and the new Batman movie, Dark Knight Rise... well, I am still catching up with my movie date.
What can I say? The Amazing Spiderman was amazing!

I think that Andrew Garfield is much more fitted to play the role Peter Parker, compare to Tobey McGuire, how did they even start casting Tobey? Well... whats past, past!

I think Andrew Garfield is amazing.... this is my outfit of the day,

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  1. nice shoes! and as to the movie spider man, i think its to soon to remake it from the original movie.

  2. Thanks for visit : )

    I love ur shoes ;*

  3. killer shoes! great way to dress up jeans! i am so behind on movies!

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  4. I have watched dark knight, but have yet to watch spiderman! (: Great post, love your blog! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I have now followed you! (: Hope you can do the same for me! <3

    Cindy C.