Medan city

When you are visiting Medan city in North Sumatra, you might want to visit the iconic Deli Sultanate the Maimun Palace. The Maimun palace itself was designed by an Italian architecture and built as a house by the Deli Sultan, Sultan Mahmud Al Rasyid. Sultan Mahmud was crowned King of Deli and was considered as the pioneer of tobacco plantations in the Dutch East Indies.

The palace was built since Aug 26, 1888 and finished May 18, 1891. It has a 2772 sqm building and has 30 rooms. It has a very unique architecture and design that applied the Malay heritage with Moslem, Italian , Spain, Indian features.

In the area of Merdeka park in Medan, you will find the old buildings that are still being used in this present days, one of the building is the PT PP London Sumatra building that is now used as office buildings. It was built in 1906 and belongs to the rubber plantation owner the Harrison & Crossfield Company (H&C) with main office in London. Harrisons & Crosfield(H&C) was found by Daniel Harrison, Smith Harrison and Joseph Crosfield in 1844 in Liverpool, they imported tea and coffee from Sumatra.
During the Dutch invasion the building was sold to the Dutch and changed name into Juliana bldg.



This bakery and and restaurant is a must!
Make sure to visit Tjong A Fie mansion, it was closed when I was there...

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